1. Choose Your Source

Physical Servers
Backup Linux or Windows servers
Desktops and Mobiles
Backup all your machines whether they run Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Unbuntu, or Android and manage everything from one central console.
Virtual Machines
Agentless and Agent based backup of virtual machines on any of 6 different hypervisors (HyperV, VMware, Nutranix AHV, Oracle, Linux KVM, Xen Server, Redhat)
Cloud protection
Backup Microsoft Office 365 , Google GSuite, as well as your Microsoft Azure VMs, and you AWS Amazon EC2 workloads.
Backup Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Oracle Database, and SAP HANA.
Backup your files and folders.
FTP backup

2. Your Backup Destination

DataHut Cloud- Free yourself of hardware, complexity, and responsibility


3. Install Agent or OVA Appliance

in the case of hypervisors provide the address or delegate access for Office 365 /GSuite, file synching app, open ports for FTP


4. Access everything from a Centralized Management Platform

This web-based console can be accessed from any device including an iPad or Android tablet.


5. Customize your Dashboards

Gain a quick view of your backup schedules and processes.


6. Generate Reports

customize reports to give a further look at your business continuity planning

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