About Us

DataHut was founded by a group of IT fanatics who just want to help engineers like themselves remove mundane IT infrastructure tasks and focus on more complex activities that drive the business. As a starting point, DataHub wants to make backup a service that IT departments no longer have to invest tremendous effort and resources into. Customers should be able to backup their data, no matter what flavor it comes in, and be assured that they are protected.

While there are many players in the market today, DataHut stands out with a committed support team, a very simple and flexible solution, as well as competitive rates.

DataHut supports customers around the globe from small to large enterprises with our flexible and scalable platform.



Precision Industries

DataHut has made the process of backup very simple, systematic, and reliable. They went above and beyond in assisting us with the transition

Beta industrial

DataHut have saved us significantly on operational costs and have been ultra reliable.
We feel very well protected

OMK Group

With no dedicated IT department, it was tough to make sure our data was protected, now Datahut assures us continuity.
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